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Cisco 3845router
판매가격 전화문의
제조사 Cisco
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  • 제품설명

    시스코 라우터 Cisco3845 router, used

  • The Cisco 3845 Integrated Services Router provides the following support

    Wire-speed performance for concurrent services such as security and voice, and advanced services at full T3/E3 rates
    Enhanced investment protection through increased performance and modularity
    Enhanced investment protection through increased modularity
    Increased density through High-Speed WAN Interface Card Slots (four)
    Enhanced Network Module Slot
    Support for over 90 existing and new modules
    Support for majority of existing AIMs, NMs, WICs, VWICs, and VICs
    Integrated GE ports with copper and fiber support
    Optional Layer 2 switching support with Power over Ethernet (PoE) (as an option) , supports the 36-port Cisco EtherSwitch module (NMD-36ESW)
    On-board encryption
    Support of up to 2500 VPN tunnels with the AIM-HPII-PLUS Module
    Antivirus defense support through Network Admission Control (NAC)
    Intrusion Prevention as well as stateful Cisco IOS Firewall support and many more essential security features
    Analog and digital voice call support
    Optional voice mail support
    Optional support for Cisco CallManager Express for local call processing in stand alone business for up to 240 IP Phones
    Optional support for Survivable Remote Site Telephony support for local call processing in small enterprise branch offices for up to 720 IP phones
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